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Radical Trust vs. Selective Sharing

And hey, given that title, I realize there's a polar end much further out from radical trust which is something along the lines of off-the-grid or at least out-of-the-cloud :) Let's stay within the realm of sharing... and just say, you're sharing, but how big or how small or how slowly?

Thoughts here range from the initial questions such as 'who's sharing' and 'with whom?' As well, the initial topics raised tend to lean toward commercialism and targeted advertising. What am I going to be subjected to for sharing my personal info or pics or opinions? 

The heart of the matter is, what's the end-game? Who cares whether McDonald's sees that you start posting at 7am about Starbucks from an area where they don't yet have a drive-thru.
This era we're in is largely play and the establishment of norms; necessary stuff to shake out the reluctance, equal out the turbulence, and to ultimately understand the need for connection.

We are social creatures. There are many strong reasons for that from the base need for survival of the species to the whole "why are we here" "we must be tracking down the answer though some collective consciousness." But you know, as much as I like to indulge in such thoughts and feelings myself, there's a real tangible thing closer in than a network in the ether. And convincing the world's population to participate in it and pay for it directly wasn't in the cards.

The internet was established to disseminate information; make it free...! 
But it largely looked like books on screens. It's gotten much prettier over the years. It rivals television in that regard and surpasses it in others. You'll pay for goods and services and subject yourself to the messaging those wanting to sell you those things create in order to make a world where software giants can provide software for "free" so that those big-data analyzers can track down the really big question... how much will you share? To answer big questions we have to share. There's no poll with multiple choice you could fill out in order to provide insight on every little thing we're learning from facebook posts now that machine-learning or at least facial and object recognition is increasing in accuracy. We have a lot of unanswered questions that deal with behavior and patterns that are shaping the way we evolve therapy, medicine, teaching, research...

Selectively sharing as a concept as a whole is something to be studied simply as a matter of interpersonal relationship understanding and the final gateway which keeps many folks from their own personal evolution, trust. How do you establish trust? How do you define it? How do you measure changes within your own fabric of trust that stretches across your ever-moving, elastic set of friends, family, co-workers and neighbors? 

Radical trust suggests that you give in to the questions. You surrender to the what-ifs and just say, if I trust big, big things will come to those who receive. I will in-turn, whether I'm a corporation or a father of the cutest, most photogenic daughter ever receive dividends of sharing and knowledge and understanding of how things work and what's coming down the pipe. A world where transparency provokes innovation is the hope.

Where do you sit? Which side of the coin makes you most vocal?
Perhaps you should join us in a friendly debate over such a heated, timely topic.