The Serene Oasis of Lani Trock

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The Serene Oasis of Lani Trock

Living & breathing in the post-everything generation has formalized populous routines of Internet voyeurism, awkward UberPOOLs, and the hyperactive use of social media. One visual platform that has reshaped the avenues for global communication, collaboration, and creation is Instagram. There's something ever so addicting about an infinite scroll through the lives of people you genuinely admire and atmospheres you fever to experience.

For Lani Trock, her journey into becoming an installation artist began with the exploration of this gregarious platform.

About three years ago, The LA based (Hawaii Born. 1984) artist began capturing the equanimity of plant life and its purifying expression. Those golden days of floral foraging and optical research inspired Lani to create micro Utopias inside urbanized environments, with the ultimate goal being the dissemination of serenity throughout unfamiliar spaces. This peculiar interest in the breadth of plant species and their process of regeneration has launched Lani’s work into prestigious spaces like The Standard and Urban Outfitters’ Space 15 Twenty.

Time & Space photographer Kyle Morais had the pleasure of photographing Lani as she installed her wondrous greenery into the mixing chambers of Elevator Factory. The installation was in conjunction with Secular Sabbath, which is a holistic healing experience that aims to bring mindfulness exercises and sensorial ambience to unfamiliar communities. The restorative happening featured a live performance from musical craftsmen, Mike Milosh and Nate Mercereau from the band Rhye and a plethora of other awakening activities and delicacies.

With the ascension of the mindfulness community, Atlanta’s sanctuary of progression aims to represent the globalized tribes that encompass our street markets, art galleries, bohemian boutiques, coffee shops, bike trails, and fantastical getaways.

We are thankful to Geneviéve Medow-Jenkins for bringing Secular Sabbath into Time & Space and also to Lani Trock for actualizing her meditative practice into the minds and bodies of our members and the ATL community. We envision that her vocalized stems of bliss will encourage all visitors to echo serenity throughout old and new habitats.


Visit Time & Space Mon - Fri between the hours of 8am-6pm to experience Lani Trock’s installment. The installation will be up until Monday, Nov 28th.

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