Group Brain Lab

Friday, Nov 11, 2 time slots (9am & 11am)
90 minute session, max 5 people
Tickets: $25 per person

As a small group, we take 15-minute turns using a simple device to explore and guide brain activity. Learn how your brain works as you meditate and do creative, practical, and mindfulness tasks. We are all different, and a group setting helps us better understand and interact with others. Requires bald or typical hair.

Friday, Nov 11, 2pm–4pm
2 hour session, max 30 people
Tickets: $35 per person

What's it like to walk in another's shoes? If you're in a romantic relationship, or if you're in the arts, business, counseling, education or such, truly shifting to someone's perspective is much-needed. In this workshop, you will use interviewing, creative writing, and personality profiling to go deep into another's experience.   

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