Meet Dr. Nardi

Wisdom of the Brain
With Neuroscientist Dr. Dario Nardi

Saturday Nov 12, 9am-12pm
3 hour session, max 30 people
Tickets: $45 per person


What's your key to "flow" in life?

In this cutting-edge workshop, you'll get to experience first-hand how your brain activity shapes who you are and how you can grow to express your best-self. This workshop is based on ten years of Dr. Nardi's applied brain research and includes a live demonstration with a brain imaging device.

The 3-hour workshop includes the following:

  • Lecture from Dr. Dario Nardi about the brain and how it works

  • A demonstration of an EEG (electroencephalogram) to visualize the brain's activity

  • Mini-poster coloring activity with group debrief

  • Exercises to evoke different kinds of brain activity in particular regions or waves

  • A copy of the booklet "Our Brains in Color" to take home

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